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Best Three Tools for College Loans


If you are having trouble getting all your student loans in one place, IonTuition can help with that. It can provide an easy to access and use platform that displays your federal and private loans on one dashboard. This app also sends you frequent and up-to-date messages, on the changes in your loan, so you can implement the appropriate steps.

IonTuition keeps you in the loop with regards how much has been paid, as well as your remaining balance and also gives you information on how best to enhance your repayment plan. The app is fitted with features like live loan counselors, repayment calculators and others, to provide you with appropriate guidance.


If you have problems with huge student loans, and you need a boost, this app is definitely for you. It provides you with repayment plans like “snowball” which works on the basis of smallest to largest loans and “avalanche” which provides payment plans from highest to lowest interest rate. These plans allow you to choose the adequate payment plan for your loan situation. One cool feature it offers is the simulation of future events if you pay more money than you set, each month.

The app displays a cool graph feature that provides an accurate depiction of your loans over a certain period, allowing you play around with numbers till you get the right repayment plan.


LearnVest goes beyond providing plans for student loans, the app has certified financial planners to help you draft out plans to pay off any loans. All you need is a $299 setup fee and $19 per month to gain access to a CFP who will draft a customized complete plan inclusive of setting budgets.

They provide you with visuals on your current position, the journey and your final destination in terms of your financial situation. Here, you get to practice accountability with your CFP, to get back on track.