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3 Money Management Tools

Best Overall: Quicken


If you are looking for top-notch personal finance software, Quicken is the way to go. The software is the ultimate tool for managing your finances, from budget building to debt trailing, savings objectives, as well as investment training. The software landscapes Excel transferring, that lets you control and execute supplementary calculations on your records.

You also get some high-end features like bill paying that allows you pay your bills from the software. You also get to view a trajectory on the value of your assets to gain information on your precise net worth. The app great for handling both business and personal finances, and also works for property management situations, for example rental payments from tenants. You can get the software at $34.99 and is obtainable for these OS; Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Best for Budgeting: Mint


Mint is well known for its budgeting and expense features. This software can collaborate with your bank and credit card company, to gain access to your information for reviewing your financial activities, and point out areas where you can cut back, to enhance your financial life. With Mint, you get to be more accountable by setting alerts for situations such as low balance and due dates. This allows you pay your bills on time and prevent over drafting your bank account. You can also get problem-solving time on the amount you spend as per your budget.

Best for Habit Building: YNAB


You are taking steps to be financially literate, YNAB, works as a monthly budget planner for your financial needs. The app not only allows you plan your budget, it teaches you about the harder financial topics. YNAB helps you tackle your bad spending habits by teaching you a few rudimentary financial management rubrics.

The app by design connects to your bank account, accessing your financial information to analyze and help you track your budget. With this, you get to visually access how accountable you are with respect to your budget, and also take action if you go off-track. You don’t get investment tracking options, but YNAB give you a deal on a free trial that lets you use the app to determine if it works for your personal finance goals. The paid version for the application is $6.99 per month, and $83.99 per year.